This is a dictionary of possibilities and a work in progress. Please read the first mail of the blog to understand the project.

Saturday, October 4, 2008


This is the first "what if" of my new dictionary.

I already explained in my blog what this is about but I'm going to explain it once more here so that everybody can understand the project. Perhaps some people would like to join me because this project is not very work intensive and for the days you cannot do some whatiffing you can just punch a different piece of fabric onto the background to see how different qualities work! (this would allow you to keep pace because you can do these "fill" pieces as a batch).
  • The idea is to do a small piece 2"x3" every day of the year or till I have 368.
  • The pieces are done with the embellisher and different materials.
  • Each piece is a "what if".
  • With the 368 pieces I will sew a wallhanging of 23 x 16 pieces.
  • The size of the finished wallhanging will be 46" x 64", (115 cm x 160 cm).
This first piece is seen from the front and from the back. I used a very light fabric with a print and punched it to the front of a surface done with gray and white wool. I cut a window in the middle of the piece and put another piece of the same fabric behind it and punched it once more. If you did such a thing in a big wallhanging you would see light through the many windows.
I tried a whip stitch and a running stitch around the edge of the window to better attach the fabrics together and for decoration.


Kayla coo said...

I love your idea and would like to take part if I can.

barbara burkard said...

just a wonderful idea! i too would love to take part!!! i don't use my embellisher enough!!!

Elizabeth Armstrong said...

Great Idea Sara
I think I would like to have a go too.
So much of what we lear is when we give ourselves the time to answer that golden question

Anneli said...

Yes, Sara, I would like to join in as well (although it's quite a challenge for me to work with such tiny areas ...)!
Would you give me a clue on how you plan to sew them together later on?

Marja said...

I like to join this.
Very nice idea.
Thank you Sara.

blomman said...

I like this idea and will follow. I am already doing something similar but in embroidery. Small pieces, a few every week that I will assemble to something bigger. But embroidery takes longer time than needlefelting..

fontainefleurie said...

Hello Sara, if have been following your blog for quite a while and it is very inspiring.(I saw you first on Yvette's felting your soul blog) I do admire it - working so detailed and so tiny. Although I don'nt know if I am the right person for such a job, I would really like to join the group whatiffers and give it a serious try. The main reason is that I like to experiment and this will give me a challenge to do it every day. Can you give me more details about what to do? Is there a theme, or do eachother has to make their own theme? You can see some of my other creative experiments on

La Señorita Pil said...

i think i will join to this, i dont work with fabrics, but i like the idea! could i?

melanie said...

ooh, I like this idea too! I don't have an embellisher, but I have hands, brushes, beads, needles and thread :)


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